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This website is now closed was closed in May 2014. I made this difficult decision because I could not ultimately arrive at a good resolution to manage two key problems: sustained low levels of public interest & support for my site and the increasing risks & costs associated with freely sharing my extensive collection of mostly long-form copyrighted material (see bibliography below). I'm starting to realize the internet is, after all, only good for short-form media and you have to not care much if your content gets stolen and plagiarized...sigh.

Since closing the site, I have tried to at least put back into the public knowledge-base some of my most popular and crucial content. I decided, however, that I cannot put it 'out there' again for free. I have to price my work now for reasons related to the ones cited above: to offset the potential costs associated with fighting intellectual property theft and to get more out of less (more personal returns for the low levels of appreciation of my activist-research labor; we definitely have an activist labor appreciation problem in society...another topic another time...)

Anyway, back in June, I published a new book titled 'Crossing the Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.-U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments,' which is a newly written compilation of my findings in my continuing investigation into U.S. & U.K. 1950s A-blast experiments on human beings; so-called undesirables of society were flown to test sites and were basically secretly nuked to death in the name of medical science...and against the Nuremberg Code, which was implemented to prevent these kinds of medical crimes after discoveries were made of Nazi science atrocities carried out in the 1930s and 1940s. The book's subject matter was once a popular article on my site, but not as popular as my Fukushima research, which once was spun-off w/o my permission (plagiarized) into an all-time record-breaking Fukushima-topic viral blogpost that you probably have read, despite my best efforts. This--and more--is why, in the fall, I will be publishing 'Not an Approved Channel: [Not Yet Picked Subtitle],' which puts nearly all of my Fukushima research (and new material) into an easy to read and enjoyable and more secure format.

'Not an Approved Channel' is part retrospective about my activist struggles to broadcast burning truths about radiation dangers and junk science; part chronology and analysis of the U.S.'s poor quality monitoring response to Fukushima through 2014; and part discovery of the explanation for why I basically wasted eight years of my life...because of a new world order that aims to fully repress truthtellers by building a black-and-white information world in which only (corrupted) approved channels are allowed to pass knowledge from one brain to another brain. In the book, I talk about my hopes, domestic disputes, and some very funny moments, as well as the details of a phone conversation I had with an award-winning journalist about the forces that were pressuring a major TV news network to suppress its Fukushima coverage. The book's subject is radiation monitoring. It is ~35k words/~80 pages single-spaced in Word. It is 99% done. I plan to self-publish it first as a Kindle ebook in late September/early October 2014, and then in other formats later on. I'm hoping to get a publisher. Publishers: I stopped providing my contact info on this page for several unfortunate reasons. But you guys are resourceful. And would y'all finally please read... because the NNSA just announced it will conduct the "Lyra" subcritical test in 2015 - my Global Research article & press release (linked to by Wikipedia) about stopping subcritical nuclear tests? ...- Andrew Kishner, 9/8/2014

Research titles formerly appearing on

Book chapters from former website's e-book:

Trinity in New Mexico to Atomic Attack in Japan [The Trinity atomic test; Where did the fallout from Trinity and Fat Man go?; 'Atomic' censorship and control during the U.S. Occupation of Japan; Footnotes]

Global Fallout From Nuclear Testing [The bomb testing; Strontium-90's rain-food-bone-disease chain; Strontium-90 threat to human health not gone; Footnotes; Advanced topics: total nuclear testing yields, U.S. radiation hotspots]

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Idaho National Laboratory; Hanford Nuclear Reservation; Nevada National Security Site; Final note]

Rongelapese [The 1954 Bravo detonation and the Rongelapese; U.S.'s human guinea pig experiment, Project 4.1; Evacuation from Rongelap; Questions about guinea pigs; Appendix: Review of soil (radiological) measurements on Rongelap since 1954]

The History and Future of Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft [Nuclear space missions: United States; Nuclear space missions: the Soviets; Nuclear debris from satellite atmospheric re-entries; Footnotes/table of nuclear-powered spacecraft launched by the USSR; Development of nuclear rockets for space; Ban Nuclear Power Beyond Earth Act; NASA's Curiosity launch (2011)]

Mighty Oak [The Mighty Oak nuclear test; The Mighty Oak-Chernobyl coverup; Footnotes]

Subcritical Tests and What Really Is A 'Nuclear Explosion?' & Radioactive Gases from Underground Nuclear Tests

The 'Bad Science' Behind Nuclear Reactor Operations [Nuclear power creates nuclear fallout; Distorting emissions in nuclear power operations; Something's in the pool! - spent fuel rod dangers; Gaseous radioactive waste types - References; Case Studies: Vermont Yankee, Three Mile Island]

Rulison [The detonation; Raiding the radioactive tomb; DOE's 'Plan Forward'; Rio Blanco in their sights; Footnotes/other Plowshares; Reclaiming your voice under NEPA]

Fukushima [Health impacts: Infant mortality in Japan; Funny strontium business; Funny plutonium business; U.S. and Iodine-131; U.S. dose response formulas are wrong; Volatilization]

Selected essays about Fukushima & other topics:

Published books:

'Crossing the Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.-U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments [2014 e-book - Google Books]' (formerly 'Chapter 5 - Witness Accounts of Human Guinea Pig Experiments in the Atomic 1950s')

'American Downwinders Overexposed' [future ebook, tentative title]

'Not an Approved Channel' [future ebook, subtitle forthcoming]

All of the above-listed writings are copyright Andrew Kishner.