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Started as a website project eight years ago dedicated to stopping a conventional bomb test on radioactive grounds in the U.S. called 'Divine Strake,' grew into a repository of research and writings on a large number of mostly unsupported causes in the anti-nuclear movement related to environmental degradation and human rights violations throughout the nuclear age - as evidenced by the partial bibliography of writings seen below. The site adhered to my philosophy of knowledge-based activism, following in the tradition of other research activists like Ward Churchill.

There were three main unfixable problems that led to the shutdown of this website. One was the unsatisifactory laws on the books in the U.S. that allow for huge financial pitfalls for holders of intellectual property (IP) when their material appears on the internet without their consent and can't easily get the material removed. The second point: was free (and ad-free) and I relied on donors, words of thanks and citizen action to legitimize the hours and hours of work weekly that I put into it. But all of these forms of support were perpetually lacking (the few that did support me have my deepest thanks). The third critical factor in my decision to close shop was the failure of my website visitors to adopt, and lend their time and effort to, the causes championed by my web project, a one-person organization. Few people were or ever became interested in these orphaned issues. If more than just the handful of people that I know of were truly interested and motivated to act, then I never found that out.

All three points wouldn't have grown into such massive problems had there been greater respect in society for the labor of independent researchers and investigators, including those in the nuclear realm. If the general public continues to fail to respect the activist-researcher and independent-scientist laborer, then we must expect a worsening of public ignorance and more nuclear incidents and related crimes. We need to link our passion to stop the reckless advance of nuclearism with the research activist-scientist laborer.

Andrew Kishner
May 23, 2014
Revised on July 11

Research titles formerly appearing on

Book chapters from former website's e-book:

Trinity in New Mexico to Atomic Attack in Japan [The Trinity atomic test; Where did the fallout from Trinity and Fat Man go?; 'Atomic' censorship and control during the U.S. Occupation of Japan; Footnotes]

Global Fallout From Nuclear Testing [The bomb testing; Strontium-90's rain-food-bone-disease chain; Strontium-90 threat to human health not gone; Footnotes; Advanced topics: total nuclear testing yields, U.S. radiation hotspots]

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Idaho National Laboratory; Hanford Nuclear Reservation; Nevada National Security Site; Final note]

Rongelapese [The 1954 Bravo detonation and the Rongelapese; U.S.'s human guinea pig experiment, Project 4.1; Evacuation from Rongelap; Questions about guinea pigs; Appendix: Review of soil (radiological) measurements on Rongelap since 1954]

The History and Future of Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft [Nuclear space missions: United States; Nuclear space missions: the Soviets; Nuclear debris from satellite atmospheric re-entries; Footnotes/table of nuclear-powered spacecraft launched by the USSR; Development of nuclear rockets for space; Ban Nuclear Power Beyond Earth Act; NASA's Curiosity launch (2011)]

Mighty Oak [The Mighty Oak nuclear test; The Mighty Oak-Chernobyl coverup; Footnotes]

Subcritical Tests and What Really Is A 'Nuclear Explosion?' & Radioactive Gases from Underground Nuclear Tests

The 'Bad Science' Behind Nuclear Reactor Operations [Nuclear power creates nuclear fallout; Distorting emissions in nuclear power operations; Something's in the pool! - spent fuel rod dangers; Gaseous radioactive waste types - References; Case Studies: Vermont Yankee, Three Mile Island]

Rulison [The detonation; Raiding the radioactive tomb; DOE's 'Plan Forward'; Rio Blanco in their sights; Footnotes/other Plowshares; Reclaiming your voice under NEPA]

Fukushima [Health impacts: Infant mortality in Japan; Funny strontium business; Funny plutonium business; U.S. and Iodine-131; U.S. dose response formulas are wrong; Volatilization]

Selected essays about Fukushima & other topics:


'Crossing the Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.-U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments [2014 e-book - Google Books]' (formerly 'Chapter 5 - Witness Accounts of Human Guinea Pig Experiments in the Atomic 1950s')

'American Downwinders Overexposed' [future ebook, tentative title]

'Subcritical Nuclear Experiment News and History'

All of the above-listed writings are copyright Andrew Kishner.