Below are names of chapters and chapter subtitles of this site's former draft book (all book links below are dead). Chapter 2 was removed in 2013 and turned into a book manuscript about downwinder compensation, with a focus on the downwinder case Irene Allen et. al. v. U.S. (not published). In 2014, Chapter 5 was made into a short ebook and in 2015 Chapter 12 was made into a book and e-book.

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Chapter 1 - Trinity in New Mexico to Atomic Attack in Japan 

The Trinity atomic test 1-1 Where did the fallout from Trinity and Fat Man go? 1-2 'Atomic' censorship and control during the U.S. Occupation of Japan 1-3 Footnotes 1-4

Chapter 3 - Global Fallout From Nuclear Testing

The bomb testing 3-1 Strontium-90's rain-food-bone-disease chain 3-2 Strontium-90 threat to human health not gone 3-3 Footnotes 3-4 Advanced topics: total nuclear testing yields, U.S. radiation hotspots   3-5

Chapter 4 - U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex

Los Alamos National Laboratory part 1 4-1 Los Alamos National Laboratory part 2 4-2 Idaho National Laboratory 4-3 Hanford Nuclear Reservation 4-4 Nevada National Security Site part 1 4-5 Nevada National Security Site part 2 4-6 Final note 4-7

Chapter 5 - Witness Accounts of Human Guinea Pig Experiments in the Atomic 1950s

  Humans used in lethal experimentation at a nuclear test, 5-1

Chapter 6 - Rongelapese

The 1954 Bravo detonation and the Rongelapese 6-1 U.S.'s human guinea pig experiment, Project 4.1, on the Rongelapse 6-2 Evacuation from Rongelap - questions about guinea pigs 6-3 Appendice intro 6-4

The Hidden Quest for Nuclear Space Weapons

Chapter 7 - The History and Future of Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft 

Nuclear space missions: United States 7-1 Nuclear space missions: the Soviets 7-2 Nuclear debris from satellite atmospheric re-entries 7-3 Footnotes/nuclear-powered spacecraft launched by the USSR 7-4 Development of nuclear rockets for space/Dugway 7-5 Ban Nuclear Power Beyond Earth Act 7-6 NASA's Curiosity launch (2011) 7-7

Chapter 8 - Mighty Oak - Testing The Space-Based Nuclear Laser

The Mighty Oak nuclear test 8-1 The Mighty Oak-Chernobyl coverup 8-2 Footnotes 8-3 Rosalie Bertell on the Mighty Oak nuclear test 8-4


Controversial Banned and Unbanned Underground Nuclear Experiments

Chapter 9 -Subcritical Tests and What Really Is A 'Nuclear Explosion?' 

Subcritical tests 9-1 A 'nuclear' and 'explosive' redefinition 9-2 Footnotes 9-3

Chapter 10 -Underground Nuclear Tests 

Underground nuclear tests 10-1 Types of radiation released 10-2 Footnotes 10-3 TRAJECTORY AND FORECAST of ground-level contaminated air masses across the Pacific 10-4

Covering Up the Radioactive Impacts of Nuclear Power

Chapter 11 - The 'Bad Science' Behind Nuclear Reactor Operations

Nuclear power creates nuclear fallout 11-1 Distorting emissions in nuclear power operations 11-2 Something's in the pool! - spent fuel rod dangers 11-3 Gaseous radioactive waste types - References 11-4 Map of U.S. reactors 11-5 Case Studies: Vermont Yankee and others 11-6 Case Study: Three Mile Island; strontium-89 11-7

Chapter 12 - Volatile Fukushima

What's in that smoke? Unlocking the secrets of Fukushima's radiation releases, 12-1; How Fukushima really released plutonium, 12-2; U.S. covers its eyes over Fukushima, 12-3; Footnotes, 12-4; Japan's lackluster strontium-plutonium survey, 12-5

Chapter 13 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation - Wildfires

Milford Flat Fire (2007) 13-1; Were Utahns in danger? 13-2; Fires lifting Chernobyl (Chornobyl) fallout for all the world to suffer (pdf)

Chapter 14 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation - Dust storms

Australia, dust storms and the fallout Britain left behind, 14-1; footnotes

Chapter 15 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation: Drilling in Colorado in Nuclear Subterrain 

The detonation, 15-1; Raiding the radioactive tomb, 15-2; DOE's 'Plan Forward', 15-3; Rio Blanco in their 'sights,' 15-4; Footnotes/other Plowshares, 15-5; Reclaiming your voice under NEPA/Rulison updates, 15-6


Atomic Element Reference Tables A-0
Secret nuclear test? The Trinity Site. Radioactive steel. Depleted uranium.  A-1-2
Nuclear waste storage and transport dangers A-4
NTS nuclear waste transport incidents A-4-2
'The Un-killable Nevada Bomb Test' A-4-3
Plutonium dispersal experiments at NTS or NAFR from 1955 to 1963 A-4-4
McKinney letter A-9
North Korea's nuclear ambitions provoked by U.S. nuclear experiments A-9-2
Z-Machine nuclear experiments A-9-3
'Subcritical' DAHRT tests LANL A-9-4
Action step for stopping subcritical tests A-9-5
Our Fukushima monitoring A-12
Compare cesium-137 levels in Japan A-12-2
Radiation data from very early April (Fukushima) A-12-3
'Minor Trials,' nuclear experiments in Australia A-14
Britain to blame partly for downwinders' plight in U.S. A-14-2
Intro to 'The Black Mist and its Aftermath' A-14-3
Justifiably flipping out...Cemp Hall of Fame A-16
Environmental radiation monitoring, your First Warning System for radiation A-16-2
'The EPA is Asleep in the Control Tower' A-16-3

The Rongelapese - 'Move or Starve'

Move or starve/More DOE Lies (Rongelapese) A-6
The 1978 soil samples (Rongelapese) A-6-2
Plutonium (Rongelapese) A-6-3
Strontium (Rongelapese) A-6-4
Body burden/cesium (Rongelapese) A-6-5
Final analysis (Rongelapese) A-6-6
Footnotes (Rongelapese) A-6-7