was a freely accessible and ad-free website launched in 2007--initially as offered information and analyses on a number of under-reported nuclear topics (read a list of pre-shutdown research titles). The site was maintained for seven years by U.S. anti-nuclear activist and researcher, Andrew Kishner, who retired from online activism in May 2014 and proceeded to incorporate important analyses from his website into two self-published books:


‚Äč'RIG, RAD, RUN: Radiation Monitoring, Fukushima, and Our Nuclear Dystopia' chronicles the personal and investigative journey of Andrew Kishner, a U.S. citizen-scientist and activist, in the years following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The book compiles the author's independent research on the manipulations and shortcomings in the radiation monitoring response by U.S. federal agencies to Fukushima in 2011-2014. The reader will learn about scenarios in which the U.S. EPA's sampling and testing plans for Fukushima-associated radiation in air, milk and rainwater were driven by preconceived, unscientific notions about the radiation releases. 'RIG, RAD, RUN' also looks at the monitoring failures of the FDA, which continues to allow a dubious radiation "protection" standard--as well as preconceived notions--to justify nonexistent or substandard radiation monitoring of domestic and imported seafood when the Pacific Ocean is experiencing a growing radiation crisis, the result of years of unstoppable ocean contamination leaks at Fukushima Daiichi.

Author Andrew Kishner blends into this retrospective a fascinating narrative about his activism--sharing with the reader the inner struggles he faced with burnout, plagiarism, and the frustration of being an 'unapproved channel.' Breakthroughs and breakdowns presage greater growing-pain-events over Andrew's eight-year activist arc, leading him to face increasingly difficult decisions--the final one, a heart-breaking dilemma involving the fate of his website,

Kishner concludes his book with two hard-to-swallow assertions stemming from his revelations of U.S. scientific misconduct and government malfeasance. First, we're not being protected from radiation incidents and Americans should--in the future--RUN if government monitoring manipulations (and rigging) become evident (RIG, RAD, RUN). Second, the problems of nuclear dystopia stem directly from the failures of the humans that created and support it. The author presents a solution that challenges citizens with its revolutionary simplicity.