From 2007 to 2014, this website hosted independent research and writings about the nuclear age by researcher-activist Andrew Kishner. Some of the topics covered by this website included: nuclear spacecraft re-entries, global nuclear testing fallout, 'Mighty Oak' (a nuclear test blunder), the Rongelapese (Pacific nuclear test victims), radiation monitoring, and radiation victim compensation. This website was closed in May 2014. This site formerly hosted a draft online book titled Deception, Cover-up & Murder in the Nuclear Age. (Here's the table of contents). To read fact-filled segments from the book and other webpages formerly on this site, click here. Thank you to all former donors and online and Facebook supporters of

Since 2014, Andrew has expanded his research on several topics and self-published short books about nuclear test experiments on humans, radioactive drywall, his Fukushima-era research and activist experiences (titled 'Rig, Rad, Run'), and even an essay about click-bait articles. A list of Andrew's books can be seen on his website.